Stewart Island Smoked Salmon is all over the place. We are very proud of the media attention we have received over the last years, which helped turning SISS into the company it is today.

How to decorate a smoked salmon platter

In this video, Stewart Island Smoked Salmon owner and chef Gary Huggins shows how to nicely decorate a platter of our smoked salmon to be the centerpiece at a dinner party.

Pams NZ visits Stewart Island

Actor and host Robbie Magasiva visits chef Gary Huggins on Stewart Island for a TV commercial.

Gary Huggins cooking demonstration — SISS on a potato mash

Chef Gary Huggins demonstrates how to cook a lovely meal of Stewart Island Smoked Salmon on a potato mash on the Ohoka Farmers Market

SISS on Radio NZ

14 March 2014 — Gary Huggins is interviewed by national Radio New Zealand about the Stewart Island Smoked Salmon company