Local salmon for a special delicacy

Our salmon comes to us fresh from the salmon farm on Stewart Island. We pin bone and prepare each side of salmon carefully and individually for smoking to get the best results and a quality product.

A delightful tasty treat

After smoking and setting the salmon it is cut into fillets of varying sizes, vacuum packed and priced for market or however it is being sold. The individual care for each piece of fish as well as our unique recipe creates a marvelous taste and a supreme product.

Buy online or in store

We sell our salmon mostly by direct means either through farmers markets and other markets, or directly to businesses. Our salmon is also available from some retail outlets throughout New Zealand or from our Online-Shop.

Welcome to Stewart Island Smoked Salmon! In our factory in Oban on Stewart Island we create some of the finest smoked salmon in the world. Following our motto "Live the life you love... love the live you live.", our team lives its passion in preparing and smoking salmon with all our heart.

This unique spirit in our workers allows us to create a very special and authentic product. Just put some of our smoked salmon on a fine piece of artisan bread, sit back, relax, and enjoy the smokey and lemon flavours when eating our salmon.

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